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                      State of the CMO 2019

                      CMO’s State of the CMO is an annual industry research initiative aimed at understanding how ...

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                      Building a human-curated brand

                      If the FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) sector and their measured worth are the final argument for the successful 21st Century model, then they are beyond reproach. Fine-tuning masses of algorithms to reduce human touchpoints and deliver wild returns to investors—all with workforces infinitesimally small compared to the giants of the 20th Century—has been proven out.

                      Will Smith

                      Co-founder and head of new markets, The Plum Guide

                      Sustainability trends brands can expect in 2020

                      ?Marketers have made strides this year in sustainability with the number of brands rallying behind the Not Business As Usual alliance for action against climate change being a sign of the times. While sustainability efforts have gained momentum this year, 2020 is shaping up to be the year brands are really held accountable for their work in this area.

                      Ben King

                      CSR manager & sustainability expert, Finder

                      The trouble with Scotty from Marketing

                      As a Marketer, the ‘Scotty from Marketing’ meme troubles me.

                      Natalie Robinson

                      Director of marketing and communications, Melbourne Polytechnic

                      It's a pretty interesting article to read. I will learn more about this company later.

                      Dan Bullock

                      40 staff and 1000 contracts affected as foodora closes its Australian operations

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                      If you think it can benefit both consumer and seller then it would be great

                      Simon Bird

                      Why Ford is counting on the Internet of Things to drive customer engagement

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                      It's a good idea. Customers really should control their data. Now I understand why it's important.

                      Elvin Huntsberry

                      Salesforce CMO: Modern marketers have an obligation to give customers control of their data

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                      Instagram changes algorithms every time you get used to them. It really pisses me off. What else pisses me off? The fact that Instagram d...


                      Instagram loses the like in Australia; industry reacts positively

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                      I tried www.analisa.io to see my Instagram Insight

                      Dina Rahmawati

                      7 marketing technology predictions for 2016

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